APEX SmartPivot Plug-in: Release 1.1

The APEX SmartPivot Plug-in is an Oracle Application Express Plug-in that enables users users to analyze data much like they are used to in Excel. It allows to present data in a customizable multilevel data grid. Developers can add the plug-in to any APEX application, just like adding an interactive report.

Website: www.apexsmartpivot.com

What’s new in Release 1.1

The new release of the APEX SmartPivot Plug-in focuses on integration with the latest APEX

Users/UI Enhancements


The UI now supports Font APEX in APEX version 5.1 (Font Awesome in APEX 5.0). Your pivot report will look consistent with the rest of your application.
Font APEX can also be used in conditional formatting rules.

Conditional Formatting

Users can define, apply, save and share conditional formatting rules with a report layout. Conditional formatting is not restricted to setting text and background colors, but offers to translate (ranges of) values into text. For those users familiar with HTML: the text output can contain HTML, so even images or Font APEX can be used for presentation of the data.

Excel Export Enhancement

When exporting to Excel, the data and format will be kept exactly as in the APEX SmartPivot grid report.

Developers Enhancements

The APEX SmartPivot plug-in now supports report columns the same style as APEX Classic or Interactive Reports.

What about APEX 4.2 support?

Release 1.1 requires APEX version 5.0 or higher. For customers using Oracle Application Express 4.2 version 1.0.5 of the APEX SmartPivot plugin is still available and supported.

For more information, visit the website: www.apexsmartpivot.com
and online documentation: docs.apexsmartpivot.com


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