Book Review: Oracle Application Express Forms Converter

Oracle Application Express Forms Converter
A migration guide using the APEX conversion utility
Convert your Oracle Forms application to Oracle APEX successfully

by Douwe Pieter van den Bos

Packt Publishing 2009
ISBN 1847197760
ISBN 13 978-1-847197-76-4


Douwe Pieter van den Bos’s book “Oracle Application Express Forms Converter” covers all the aspects and tasks of your Forms conversion project, step-by-step, well explained and packed with screenshots.

The books tutorial-like organization guides you through the whole conversion process, from planning and preparation, through conversion and customizing your application, to deploying it.

If you are thinking of migrating your Oracle Forms and/or Reports to APEX, this book is a “must‑have” on your project teams reading list.

Nevertheless, you will need some knowledge of Oracle Forms and APEX to make this an easy read. Instead of going into details, in some cases you will find references to the appropriate (Oracle) documentation, which makes this book an easier read, but not the ultimate reference.

A very convenient, more practical aspect of the book is its size and number of pages, which seems to be optimized to fit laptop bags.


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