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APEX Listener favicon bug issue

When developing an application in Oracle APEX, I usually have opened two browser tabs, one for the builder and one for the application I’m working on. This works fine, even though both tabs are using different sessions. The other day I noticed a strange annoying behavior using this approach: Each time I opened the application I was working on in the new tab, my builder session was expired. This behavior wasn’t related to the APEX version: it happened with my 4.2 installation running on a VBox as well as with my local installation running 4.1. I was rather puzzled, as I didn’t change anything on my local installation. Here is what caused it (thanks to Christian Neumüller for explaining): I ran into the so-called APEX Listener favicon-bug : On my 4.1 installation I was working on a new theme, build entirely from scratch, and on my 4.2 installation, I was playing around with a mobile application. What both applications (or better: themes) had in common: the lack of a favicon referen