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A Glimpse of APEX 4.2

Yesterdays OGh APEX day in Zeist (NL) was a great success. The probably largest APEX-only congress (almost 300 APEX enthusiasts) was packed with 3 parallel tracks of presentations covering a wide variety of APEX related subjects. The OGh organization committee again managed to invite well known APEX experts as speakers: Dimitri Gielis and John Scott (the dynamic APEX Evangelists Duo), Roel Hartman, Alex Nuijten, Patrick Barel (all ACE or ACED so far). Iloon Ellen Wolff, from Oracle NL, gave us some previews on Oracle’s Cloud Service, mostly slides and video’s. A live demo wasn’t possible, because there is something going on at Oracle and we may can expect some exciting news very soon. The highlight, in my eyes, was Patrick Wolf’s keynote presentation, talking about the recent enhancements of 4.1.1,and, much more exciting, giving us a glimpse of what will come in the long awaited 4.2 upgrade. After showing the usual “Oracle Save Harbor Statement” the conference participants wer

themes4apex - custom UI for your APEX application

This short article is actually a shameless plug for my new service and website. So, if you are looking for some technical info on APEX: do not read any further. But if you want to provide your APEX application with a custom UI design without having to dive into HTML, CSS scripting and creating graphical components yourself, pay a visit to my brand new website: Define I offer to design and implement APEX themes and templates based on your specifications, whatever these are: an existing web page, concepts created in PowerPoint  or any other image reference or prototyping tool. Design I like to keep things simple. So your custom APEX UI design will be based on HTML and CSS, DIV-based and guaranteed to tested and working in all current browser brands and versions. Deliver You will receive your custom theme ready to import into your APEX environment together with a demo application using the theme. Interested? Visit themes4apex and contact me.