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Follow-up on my "Flexible Parameter Passing" post

I had some reactions on my post, describing an issue that occurred when using the DHTMLX library in combination with APEX: From Bharadwaz (Bharat) Pappu , Subject: ODTUD- Oracle APEX + DHTMLX integration Hello Christian, The presentation at APEXPOSED will be similar to the one I did at ODTUG. There is one huge change though…Instead of making changes to the .js files or the DHTMLX APIs I use a very powerful DHTMLX API to integrate it  with Oracle APEX. As promised to you earlier here is a snippet of the code that will work without changing any APEX or DHTMLX APIs: <link rel="STYLESHEET" type="text/css" href="/i/javascript/.../dhtmlxSuite/dhtmlxtree/samples/common/style.css"> <link rel="STYLESHEET" type="text/css" href="/i/javascript/.../dhtmlxSuite/dhtmlxtree/codebase/dhtmlxtree.css"> <script  src="/i/javascrip