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Describing ORDS RESTful Services using a WADL

Recently I got this question (or better specification) from a customer:   "For exchanging  data ,  we either want a SOAP webservice or a REST service offering a WADL ".   WADL?   What's a WADL? I know WSDLs as descriptive endpoints for SOAP webservices, but WADL?! It occurs, that WADL's are intended to do just that, but in a more generic way.  WADL  stand for  Web Application Description Language .  The  World  Wide Web  Consortium (W3C) currently has no plans to implement  WADL  as a standard. Oracle's  ORDS is going the  swagger / openapi  route which is partially implemented in the 17.3 release .   With no existing functionality to provide a WADL for Oracle RESTful services, I had to come up with  my own solution, using the APEX  re pository  views to generate a WADL endpoint. I came up with a  small  procedure for this and add an additional URI Template to my service, called " wadl " with a single GET Resource Handler calling this