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Remember Me - APEX Autologin

I promised to publish about this subject to one of the attendees during my presentation at KScope 12 in San Antonio. I used this functionality in my demo application ( FifApex ) and it seems there is interest in how to do this. Most of the public websites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Amazon or OTN do have it: an option to stay logged in, even if you closed the browser, so you do not have to authenticate each time you visit the site again. I’m pretty used to it and would be surprised if a website didn’t offer this convenient feature. OK, it’s not entirely secure, but, as I said, very convenient. I’m working on a “consumer” site/application, I’m building it with APEX and I want to offer this “remember me” option too. I knew an APEX based website that does offer this feature ( ) and I had a chat with the developer that implemented it’s login mechanism, Paul Broughton from Apex Evangelists . So, here my thanks to him for the original inspiration.   Oracle