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Session management within Internet Explorer

When developing web applications you sometimes want to develop/test your app with different users (sessions) simultaneously and not logout-login-logout-login every time to switch. When using Internet Explorer, you might have experienced some differences in session management between IE6/7 and IE8. I found this article on MSDN Blogs, which explains the differences and helped me to configure the behavior I wanted.

Apex f?p syntax with Flexible Parameter Passing enabled

Apex is using its own syntax to pass URL parameters, called the f?p syntax. In fact, there is only one standard URL search-path parameter: "p". "p" accepts a string build as: App:Page:Session:Request:Debug:ClearCache:itemNames:itemValues:PrinterFriendly I am not going to explain all the individual arguments. They should be familiar to most APEX developers. I would like to discuss the itemNames:itemValues argument pair, which allows us to pass custom parameters to our page calls. When using external libraries, like the "Yahoo! User Interface Library" (YUI) , JQuery or (in my case) DHTMLX , you might find, that the f?p syntax is not always usable with these libraries. In some cases, URL’s get assembled by those libraries dynamically, expecting the standard search-path syntax ( ?P1 =V1 &...&Pn =Vn ). I came across this problem when using the xmlLoad functionality in the DHTMLX library. This method adds an additional par