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Theme 25 Responsive Tabs Enhancement: CSS Patch

Theme 25 seems to be popular. I see a lot projects starting development with this theme. Not always because there is a need for enabling the application to be accessed on multiple different devices/screen resolutions, but because of the way you have more control of your region placement on the undelaying grid. Apart from the grid, APEX/Theme 25 offers more responsive functionality, like form element/label adaption and the the responsive Interactive Report toolbar. But there are components that are implemented less responsive, like the tab’s. Apart from the discussion, whether or not to use tabs, if you are using this (in my eyes convenient) feature, one would expect a user friendly responsive implementation of the tab’s. A Little Bit Responsive The way tab’s in Theme 25 currently react on smaller screens is: you have to scroll through the entries that are hidden outside your viewport. Tab More Responsive I wanted a different, more intuitive, yet still responsive implementa