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Kscope16 APEX Symposium (live) Log

The Kscope16 APEX Sunday Symposium is entirely dedicated to the upcoming 5.1 version, naturally. Most of the information on APEX 5.1 has been presented at conferences earlier this year, but here at Kscope there are 7 sessions from APEX Development team, entirely dedicated to APEX, which makes this the single most important one-event source of APEX news. Here a short summary of the, in my opinion, highlights from the presentations of the Oracle APEX development team´s presentations. 1) Shakeeb showing improvements and new features in Universal Theme 5.1 - Font APEX icons replacing Font Awesome. That is: you can choose, but the APEX team did a wonderful job on the APEX Font, like adding declarative icon modifiers (an icon with an additional small icon in the lower right corner) in a different color. This is not only easy to use and very beautiful, but very useful too. I like this a lot. - Themeroller like enhanced inline modifying of template options of Page Items, Region