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Pure CSS3 Org-Tree with APEX List

I found this little CSS3 snippet gem on : nested HTML unordered lists styled as a hierarchical tree structure just by applying some (very nifty) CSS selectors. Naturally I had to try this in APEX. With some minor modifications in the CSS and creating a simple List Template, the code works great for visualizing hierarchical data, like for the Employee/Manager relationship used in the demo . Here the step-by-step tutorial to implement this solution in Application Express: Nested List Template If you have a look at the original code snippet, you will see a DIV container enclosing a simple nested list: <div class="tree">     <ul>         <li>             <a href="#">Parent</a>             <ul>                 <li>                     <a href="#">Child</a>                     <ul>                         <li>                             <a href="#">Grand Ch