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Dynamic Date Range in APEX Datepicker - no Plugin required

The build in jQuery UI Datepicker of Application Express is a very versatile component and it is very easy to configure the basic settings with the Page Item properties. One of the properties you can set, is the range of selectable dates by entering a Minimum and Maximum Date value. The “syntax” of these values is based on the jQuery UI Datepicker components date format capabilities, so this might be looking a bit awkward to us Oracle folks at first sight. Next to giving a static value or one of these Datepicker calculations you can reference an APEX Page Item to set the range values, which is a nice thing as we are able to calculate a range dynamically, based on some database value/calculations. The bummer is: the calculation only gets executed during the rendering phase of the page and changing the referencing Page Item’s value won’t change the Datepicker range. What you really want (yes, you do), is to be able to reference Page Items to control the Minimum and Maximum Date dynamica