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APEX on the Autonomous Database ATP & ADW Cloud Service

Yesterday at the KScope19 conference, Oracle announced the immediate availability of APEX, ORDS, and SQL Dev Web on Autonomous Database Cloud! Chaitanya Koratamaddi dedicated an entire session on presenting the possibilities of APEX on the Autonomous Transaction Processing (ATP) and Autonomous Data Warehouse (ADW) Cloud Service Oracle offers. APEX on Autonomous: What is it? You get a dedicated Application Express 19.1 instance managed by Oracle. Installation, Upgrade and Instance Configuration tasks of APEX on ATP/ADW are completely managed by Oracle, including ORDS. Why choose for APEX on Autonomous? The provisioning of new environments is instantly and effortless within minutes. You will get a pre-configured, fully managed and secured environment to both build and deploy APEX applications. You can start developing immediately as soon as your DB service is provisioned. Provisioning is done in three simple steps: Sign in to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Console

KScope19 - Future of APEX

I’m currently attending the annual ODTUG conference, KScope 19, this year organized in Seattle, Washington. Traditionally the Sunday Symposiums, the first day of this 5 day conference, are provided by the Oracle Development teams, presenting the latest and upcoming features of their products. Naturally I went to join the APEX symposium and this is a brief summary of subjects and features that I consider worth mentioning. LOV on Steroids 19.2 will introduce a new and revamped Popup LOV component. The functionality will be hugely enhanced with features we were only used to get from plug-ins like Select2 (who does not use this?!). With 19.2 we will have all the features: Display Popup as Modal or Inline (Combo-Bob like), the modal flavor is resizable Display Multiple Columns Search, in multiple columns, fully configurable Sorting, presorted and user enabled Automatic/manual initial fetch Select multiple values (like a tag list) Add new values Search as you typ