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(Unconfirmed) New Features APEX 5.1

by  @APEXORADEV Following the news feeds on the internet, tagged #orclapex, a series of slides presented at a UKOUG event came along that I think are worth to get summarized in a blog post and shared with the community. It's a list of (unconfirmed) new features we could find in APEX release 5.1. The list looks impressive. The APEX Development Team once again would prove, that development of APEX is much driven by developer/community feedback and customer demands. ·          Interactive Grid o    Modern, rich & interactive multi-row editing o    Used for Master > Detail(s), Master > Detail > Detail o    Great for existing Forms customers, who are used to having rich Master > Detail blocks o    Interactive Report style end-user customization, but better! o    Mid-term goal to replace Interactive Reports, Tabular Forms and Websheet Data Grids o    Fast, Responsive, JSON-based, lightweight AJAX communications o    Using jQuery UI Widget Factory o    Infinite s