YAAFPG: Yet Another Apex Football Prediction Game

testApex.oracle.com has been upgraded with the 4.0 Release Candidate. Looks like the APEX team will present the official 4.0 release very soon. Without trying to “predict” the When or Where, I regret that I am not able to participate in this year´s ODTUG Kaleidoscope conference.

With the upgrade, I have my first public accessible application running on version 4.0 live. I tried to combine two exciting things in life: Soccer (or football, as we say in Europe) and Oracle technology. So, if you are just as much looking forward to the upcoming FIFA South Africa World Cup 2010 and APEX 4.0, join my little predictor game: FIFAPEX . It´s free, It´s fun and you can win something: David Peake donated the book “Beginning Oracle Application Express”, written by Rick Greenwald. So, join the game, compare yourself to other enthusiast, and make chance to win and learn all about Oracle Application Express, the tool that was used to build this site.

(BTW: FIFAPEX still open for sponsoring. If you would like to see your companies banner or logo on FIFAPEX in exchange for a small item participants might find appealing to win, just send an email to admin@fifapex.net)


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