themes4apex - custom UI for your APEX application

This short article is actually a shameless plug for my new service and website. So, if you are looking for some technical info on APEX: do not read any further. But if you want to provide your APEX application with a custom UI design without having to dive into HTML, CSS scripting and creating graphical components yourself, pay a visit to my brand new website:


I offer to design and implement APEX themes and templates based on your specifications, whatever these are: an existing web page, concepts created in PowerPoint  or any other image reference or prototyping tool.


I like to keep things simple. So your custom APEX UI design will be based on HTML and CSS, DIV-based and guaranteed to tested and working in all current browser brands and versions.


You will receive your custom theme ready to import into your APEX environment together with a demo application using the theme.

Interested? Visit themes4apex and contact me.


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