Book Release: “APEX Best Practices” - A First Impression

Oracle APEX Best PracticesToday (nov. 6th 2012), the book ‘APEX Best Practices’ written by Learco Brizzi, Iloon Ellen-Wolff and Alex Nuijten was finally released. I was curious about the book, for several reasons:

  • I promised the book to the winners of my FifApex competition earlier this year
  • I know all three authors and heard some stories about the process of making it
  • As an APEX developer: what ‘Best Practices’ will the book advice

Here is my first impression:

There is more to APEX then just building pages, and this is where this book comes in handy. Installation, set-up, maintenance, versioning, deployment, printing, are all subjects elaborated in this book. ‘APEX Best Practices’ will help you planning and setting up your environment. Also the book talks about creating pages and reports as well, it’s not the usual step-by-step tutorial. It focuses on the structure of an application and the development process in general.

The book contains an extensive chapter (probably written by Alex) on how to leverage the Oracle database functionality in an APEX application. A must read, in my opinion. After all: the best thing about Oracle Application Express is the Oracle database it’s build on.

One advantage of the delayed release: the authors managed to add a chapter (well, actually an appendix) about Database Cloud Service, APEX 4.2 and RESTful Web Services .

It’s probably not the first book you would grab from the shelf when starting to learn building applications with Oracle Application Express, but you should definitely read the book before starting your first real APEX project.

Book Details

Language : English
Paperback : 298 pages
Release Date : November 2012
ISBN : 1849684006
ISBN 13 : 9781849684002


  1. Thank you Christian, just ordered a copy.

    Toine Tuerlings

    1. Iloon, Alex, Learco: do I get commission now?

    2. Absolutely, next time I'll buy you a beer.
      Thanks for the blogpost and the plug.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. You'll get one from me too :-)

  4. Hi Christian,

    It was a big amount of work.
    And of course very proud, the book is published.



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